The SCAECC : an agricultural COOP created after the disengagement of the state

The success of breeding AQPS (non-thoroughbred horses) in the Nièvre comes from an old partnership between breeders and the French National Studs who have always sent thoroughbred stallions of quality to the « stallion station »* of Cercy.

In The past, the National Studs in France used to send stallions for the breeding season to areas that were far away from the National Studs to allow breeders access to quality stallions. The locations where they sent the stallions were called « Stallion station ». In the nineteen twenties, the local breeders from Burgundy took the initiative to create a stallion station at Cercy.

Network - C Saillet - IFCE

1965 : Creation of the breeders Association of the Nièvre

1985 : The stallion station moved to its present site

1996 : Improvement of the facilities with the building of new stables with 15 boxes

2007 : Important works to renovate and modernise facilities with the support of the local authorities. The “station” of Cercy-la-Tour became a permanent breeding centre for the National Studs and a Regional Horse Centre .

2012 : The National Studs planned to stop providing stallions in 2014

2013 : Creation of the agricultural COOP of breeders of race-horses (SCAECC)

June 15th 2013 : First General Assembly of SCAECC at Cercy.

October 31st 2014 : The invitation to rent a group of 12 thoroughbred stallions belonging to the IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Equitation, ex National Studs) is granted to the Cercy Stud starting on January 1st 2015.

Why standing stallions at Cercy ?

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the breeders in Burgundy have always been very attached to this “station” and thanks to generations of passionate people, the Cercy area has become an important regional horse centre for the AQPS blood line.

Such a reputation wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership between the National Studs and the Union of the AQPS of the area Centre/ East.

The breeders have always “played the game” and the results have been impressive… It would be tedious to quote all the champions born on this land, but what is certain is that this success has been a formidable stepping stone for the development of the Coop.

The creation of SCAECC is a formidable challenge for the breeders involved as well as for the local authorities, indispensable partners for the success of this project.
Ville de Cercy-la-Tour
Communauté de Commune entre Loire et Morvan
Conseil Général de la Nièvre
Conseil Régional de Bourgogne