Monitoring mares during the mating season

Cercy Stud welcomes mares from December 15th to July 15th. They can come just to be bred, or during their heat or for the entire breeding season.

  • The mares can be housed in boxes or in paddocks
  • Management of stallions to optimize fertility
  • Mares always hand walked in a well secured covered breeding shed
  • Reproductive follow-up of mares (package prices)

Fees : Nomination fees + technical stud fees : 135 € (all taxes included) + gynaecological supervising and veterinary fees

Lighting program

In winter, mares are in anoestrus, meaning without any cyclic ovarian activity. The anoestrus period is all the more important than :

  • Days are short
  • Temperatures are low
  • Feed is moderate

If you recreate “spring” conditions by providing artificial light in order to increase total light period for 40 days, the mare’s ovaries will start cycling earlier and the chances to have a foal early during the season would then be considerably increased :

  • Light: the mares are brought in stalls when the sun sets and the stalls are lit up for three more hours and then, for another 3 hours before sunrise.
  • Heat: they have a blanket 24 hours a day as indicated by ambient conditions
  • Feed: two properly balanced meals a day

Fees : 550 € + VAT for 40 days