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Born in 2014  •  Grey 1,68 m (16.2 H.H)  •  Stud: 2019

2023 Stud Fee
€2.500 excl-VAT LF

1st 3yos in 2023

Off The Beaten Track

He plays the role of odd one out among the French stallion ranks. Tunis represents the quintessence of demanding German and Polish requirements, with a unique outcross aspect. His sporting trajectory is also out of the ordinary as it combines a victory on the flat as a juvenile with an incredible jumping career at the highest level, featuring four wins including the Prix Amadou (Gr.2). Tunis will see his first 3-year-olds in 2023 but already boasts a high popularity rating among racing and breeding professionals. One of his two-year-olds was sold for 60,000€ in the Arqana ring in July 2022 and another was crowned Supreme Champion colt at the Chaser Day show. These honours will soon be emulated on the racetrack.


Race Records

Earnings: €614,413

At 2:
st Wynik Gonitwy (Varsovie - 1,600 m)

At 3:
st Gr.3 Prix Aguado (Auteuil)
st L. Prix Stanley (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.1 Prix Cambacérès (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.2 Prix Georges de Talhouët-Roy (Auteuil)
2nd L. Prix Robert Lejeune (Auteuil)
4th Gr.3 Prix Général de Saint-Didier (Compiègne)

At 4:
1st Gr.2 Prix Amadou (Auteuil)
1st Gr.3 Prix d’Indy (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.1 Prix Alain du Breil (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.1 Prix Renaud du Vivier (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.3 Prix de Pépinvast (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.3 Prix Questarabad (Auteuil)
2nd Gr.3 Prix de Maisons-Laffitte (Auteuil)
3rd Gr.3 Prix Pierre de Lassus (Auteuil)  


<h3>AL ARRIVEE (20f. ex Al Gane)</h3>€56,000 PB Bloodstock / H. Kirk / WP Mullins<br /><em>2021 Arqana Autumn Sale (Yearling)</em>

AL ARRIVEE (20f. ex Al Gane)

€56,000 PB Bloodstock / H. Kirk / WP Mullins
2021 Arqana Autumn Sale (Yearling)
<h3>LAME D'AINAY (2021f. Romance d'Ainay)</h3>€12,000 Philippe Peltier<br /><em>Osarus 100% NH Sale(Yearling)</em>

LAME D'AINAY (2021f. Romance d'Ainay)

€12,000 Philippe Peltier
Osarus 100% NH Sale(Yearling)
<h3>KA MATE (20 g. ex Vitamina)</h3>€60,000 Valentine Bloodstock Ltd<br />2022 Arqana Summer Sale (Store 2)

KA MATE (20 g. ex Vitamina)

€60,000 Valentine Bloodstock Ltd
2022 Arqana Summer Sale (Store 2)
<h3>KLASSY PEARL (20f. ex Perle Sainte)</h3>€21,000 Gerry Hogan Bloodstock Ltd<br /><em>2021 Arqana Autumn Sale (Yearling)</em>

KLASSY PEARL (20f. ex Perle Sainte)

€21,000 Gerry Hogan Bloodstock Ltd
2021 Arqana Autumn Sale (Yearling)
<h3>TEMPLE RUN (20 g. ex Templière)</h3>Champion Thoroughbred 2yo<br /><em>Chaser Day 2022</em>

TEMPLE RUN (20 g. ex Templière)

Champion Thoroughbred 2yo
Chaser Day 2022
<h3>L’ESPOIR (21c. ex Une Histoire)</h3>Champion AQPS Foal<br /><em>Sprinter Sacré Show 2021</em>

L’ESPOIR (21c. ex Une Histoire)

Champion AQPS Foal
Sprinter Sacré Show 2021
<h3>L’INSTANT MAGIK (21c. ex Nuri)</h3>1<sup>st</sup> Thoroughbred Colt Foal (Section No2)<br /><em>Sprinter Sacré Show 2021 </em>

L’INSTANT MAGIK (21c. ex Nuri)

1st Thoroughbred Colt Foal (Section No2)
Sprinter Sacré Show 2021

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